Groups in the network

Put Down The Sword

Put Down the Sword is a small group of Christians and Quakers who take nonviolent direct action together against the causes of war, nuclear weapons, and climate change in the UK. We are from a wide-range of different theological and faith backgrounds, but all feel it is important that our faith is reflected in our actions, and that our faith leads us to intervene in the causes of death and violence in our world.

Christian Climate Action

Christian Climate Action is a community of Christians supporting each other in following Jesus Christ in the face of imminent and catastrophic anthropogenic climate change, in acts of non-violent direct action. Based in the UK.

London Catholic Worker

We are a community of the international radical Christian ‘Catholic Worker’ movement. The Catholic Worker is ecumenical, pacifist and anarchist in the spirit of gentle personalism. The London Catholic Worker was brought together by the Jubilee Ploughshares disarmament action in 2000.